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Top 5 Foods Trending For 2017

Top 5 Foods Trending For 2017

1. Coconut

Coconut, which can be a fruit, nut and seed all in one, is the tendency that only keeps on giving. It started with coconut water and coconut oil and today we are seeing coconut everything – think chips, butter, ice cream, you name it.

We are taking our inspiration from throughout the globe – in the US, they are jazzing their ice cream up with coconut ashes for flavour and colour. And coconut jam from Asia has been a favourite for quite a while.

2. Savoury yoghurts

Get creative with your condiments this summer and pimp your yoghurt using a savoury twist. Think combinations for example smoky paprika with crumbled feta, cooling cucumber with zesty, avocado and mint lemon, cumin with toasted pine nuts – all served with a generous glug of cracked black pepper, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. Dollop onto salads, love with homemade hamburgers in place of mayo, spread on top and rye bread with flaked mackerel – the choices are limitless.

3. Marshmallows

Not just for children and campfires, marshmallows are a fun and easy approach to incorporate some sweetness to your outdoor camping trip. Conclude on an indulgent note and crack out a mountain of s’mores. You will find countless variants of the American classic which can be ensured to get your everyone’s taste buds tingling, rapid to prepare in advance. Ditch the sandwich and digestive marshmallows and curd with shortbread biscuits. Or why don’t you get fruity and layer hobnobs chopped fresh strawberry and dark chocolate.

4. Taco fever

Give your menu the Mexican treatment and embrace this almighty dish for the summertime. An ideal solution to get the day of a wet summer, produce a banquet catch friends and family and let the great times roll with tacos taking centre stage.

Perfect for feasting, cook up an array of fillings and sides for your own tacos and serve the center of a table down.

5. Pickles and ferments

Step aside gherkins, there is a new pickle-du jour in town. Good for the intestine and tasty to boot, pickled and fermented vegetables are one of the very best methods to add vibrancy to any dish.

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