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Poor Monkeys are living at SiemReap in Cambodia✔

Best viral video ever Monkey king
Hello everybody!
My name is Vilika, female nurse . I always spend my weekend time to give poor people in village free medical clinic.
I always spend a day per week to create videos to upload.
I hope my channel will be grown as fast as I try. So that I can help my poor people more.

My vision: I need 100 thousand subscribers to unlocked my individual activities because I will be shy if I do not succeed. But at first, I just upload videos pertinent to:
1. UNESCO World Heritage such as ancient temples, Angkor Wat, Bayon (Angkor Thom), Taprom (Jungle temple) ect…
2. Fishing, catching using Cambodian traditional materials.
3. Children’s hobbies ect’…
4. Nature …

You have never seen some videos, I think. They will make you feeling better, relaxing, happy and admire them.
Hopefully, you will enjoy my videos.

***Note: Please do not forget subscribe and share my videos to your social media.

My related accounts:
Facebook page: Fishing Mylife
Thanks for your supporting.



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