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People Who Got The Best Revenge Ever

10 of the craziest revenge stories ever
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Who doesn’t love a good revenge story? Yes, we know, it actually takes a bigger person to forgive and forget. Sometimes, however, someone does something so terrible and so evil that you just can’t let it go. In these instances, our inner-mobster comes out and we set about getting some sort of vengeance. Maybe it was a sibling who teased you, maybe a school yard prank that embarrassed you or a co-worker who isn’t very nice – whatever the reason, revenge takes place all the time all over the world on a variety of scales. In most cases, revenge comes in the form of funny retaliatory pranks, jokes or teasing. Sometimes, however, it can escalate to much more than this.
In terms of revenge stories, sometimes an event can be so terrible or a retaliation so brutal that it stands out from typical cases of revenge. For reference purposes think of the Godfather, Django Unchained or Leon: The Professional. These are films and stories that are fictional but do, in fact, have storylines which have played out many times all over the world. Ok, so we’re not so sure that there have been many 12 year old girls who become semi-professional assassins, but you get the gist. In all seriousness, there are revenge stories which do stand head and shoulders above the rest. Not all involve bloody endings either. As you’ll see, sometimes revenge is meant to cause someone to die in a pool of blood, while other times it’s meant to kill with humiliation.

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