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7 Flirtation signals sent by women

To learn more about 7 Flirtation signals sent by women, CLICK HERE:

How to Flirt With Women

It is estimated that between 60 and 70% of what humans communicate is transmitted through nonverbal language, which is usually more significant than words.

1. Do not always look for subtle movements.

If a girl says, ‘I really want to see that movie! But none of my friends want to see it. ‘She’s actually asking you to invite her to the movies.

At times, women can be a bit shy to say things directly. Even if you take extra effort, always try to pay attention to what she tells you and you will find more information than you thought you had.

2. Attentive to physical contact.

“Once a girl was hitting me in the bar repeatedly and after the third or fourth time, I said aloud to my friend, ‘This girl does not stop hitting me’, and she turned around and she replied ‘Hey! That’s not very nice. “And I replied,” Then do not hit people repeatedly, “and then she said,” Well, I thought you were cute and wanted you to talk to me. “It took me a couple of seconds to process what had just happened.

This behavior is not the best, nor will it make much sense to everyone. But they are rather desperate tactics, especially when you do not know how to approach someone who catches your eye. When it happens, you must be alert. Someone may be desperate to go out with you.

3. Look at her body language.

This will talk a lot about whether we are nervous or not. So keep in mind several elements and, again, be aware! “If I’m talking to a guy who unconsciously interests me, I play my hair or my earrings, I also touch my lips or bite my lip.” Said a girl once.

4. Begins and does not stop talking.

This is valid if you have had more than one date and the initial nervousness has passed. When you meet again and she does not stop talking, making jokes and telling you how her day was, it is because she has a real interest in you and wants to integrate you into her life, she wants you to know more about her and you to get closer.

5. Always stumbles with you.

When a woman knows what she wants, even if she is not always good at saying it, she seeks it. She will find the way to be with you, like bumping into you if you work nearby or appears at that party that you did not expect to see her. She will be present in your life. When you begin to count more than one “casual” encounter, it is because she is interested in you.

6. Proposes to join you alone.

When a girl does not hesitate to ask you to accompany her for a coffee, to walk in the park or to the movies, she is showing an obvious interest in you and to know you.

7. Stealthy looks.

It is obvious that when something strikes us, we can not take our eyes off. And so it is also when you are meeting someone, or you are about to do so. If you are at a party and you feel her looks constantly on you, it is time to approach her to talk.

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To learn more about 7 Flirtation signals sent by women, CLICK HERE:

How to Flirt With Women


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