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21 Extreme Selfies

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10 – Lucky break…
Many people were posting some pretty negative commentary on to the selfie that went wrong, taken by Jared Frank. He was kicked in the head by the train conductor, which made for some hilarious viewing. However, and this is no joke – he is set to earn around $250 000.00 from YouTube, as it’s received more than 23 million views! Companies are clamoring to advertise on that specific clip!

9 – Too hot to handle…
This is George Kourounis, a TV host and adventure junkie. He is the guy who’s suited up and taking a selfie in front of an active volcano. Because, why not?

8 – Burning Desire…
To get the next best selfie… and this is one selfie trend that is super dangerous too. Setting oneself on fire, and seeing how big your flames get before snapping the selfie. According to research, India has the highest number of selfie deaths than anywhere in the world. In fact, in many places – they have put up No Selfie zones.

7 – History 101
It was the year 1985 that the selfie stick was patented. Japanese Inventors Yujiro Mima and Hiroshi Ueda, received a patent for their telescope device that could support a compact camera. And it’s thanks to these guys, we can witness incredible selfies like this one.

6 – Taking things to new heights…
This Base-Jumping selfie is superb, with an incredible backdrop to match. A Twitter User, @MisterBus – posted a photograph of his grandfather and fiancé from 1925, with a long stick taking a selfie! So perhaps we’re not as advanced as we’d like to believe.

6 – True story…
This is quite an insane selfie of a survivor of a plane crash. Ferdinand Puentes was on this flight with 8 other passengers, when they had to make an emergency landing in the ocean. Sadly, one woman lost her life in the accident… but the others survived. Definitely not a selfie to recreate.

5 – When in Rome…
Or in this case, Paris… here’s Paris Hilton taking a selfie of herself jumping out of a plane. And from Paris to Moscow… out of 5 big cities studied, turns out Moscow has a significantly higher number of men taking selfies then women. Why do you think that is?

4 – How many points?
This guy scores high on the extreme selfie list, and as from 2014, the word selfie was officially accepted into the board game, Scrabble, giving you 9 points.

3 – Who’s fooling who?
So many people have questioned the authenticity of this image, but one expert has given several reasons why it’s not real. Assuming it’s a Boeing 737-800, at that level – the pilot wouldn’t be able to breathe. At that height and speed, he wouldn’t be able to take his hand out. Also, being so pressurized – it would be super difficult to open a door or window. The plane was on the runway, and photo shop is to thank for the cloud coverage in the background.

2 – Just hanging out…
You have to have a lot of trust in your friend, if you’re going to take a selfie like this! According to a study by the Ohio State University, men who take loads of selfies show higher levels of narcissism

1 – Excellent View…
The view from up there is absolutely breathtaking, and that’s a selfie that should be framed. If you were born after 1980, chances are you will take around 25 000 selfies in your lifetime!



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